Thursday, 12 July 2012

Painter of silence ~ Georgina Harding

Painter of Silence                                                                                                                        
 It is the early 1950s. A nameless man is found on the steps of the hospital in Iasi, Romania. He is deaf and mute, but a young nurse named Safta recognizes him from the past and brings him paper and pencils so that he might draw. Gradually, memories appear on the page: the man is Augustin, the cook's son at the manor house at Poiana, where Safta was the privileged daughter. Born six months apart, they had a connection that bypassed words, but while Augustin's world stayed the same size, Safta's expanded to embrace languages, society, and a fleeting love one long, hot summer. But then came war, and in its wake a brutal Stalinist regime, and nothing would remain the same.

Not for me.  I found this book very slow and didn't feel as if I connected with the characters at all.  I think this must be one of those books that is described as a 'marmite' book as i have read some reviews where people loved it and others that also found it very slow.

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